Our Amazing Bodies That God Made

imagesThe heart pumps approximately 2000 gallons (7571 liters)of blood through it’s chambers every single day. It beats more than 100,000 times a day to achieve this incredible feat.

The brain and mouth work together to allow us to speak an average of 5000 words a day. Well that’s if you’re a woman, because studies suggest that men only speak 2000 words, yet both sexes utter 500-700 of real value (i.e. that get a job done, or provide useful information). Will the women out there have something to say about this suggestion?

So next time you think your body is starting to creak, just think about all of the incredible things that are happening inside it every day, because all of us really are a miracle!

Your body works over time to digest your food and the process starts before it even hits your mouth. When you smell food, your mouth automatically produces more saliva to prepare the digestive system for work. It takes 6-8 hours for food to pass through the stomach and two days to complete the digestion process. The average person will eat over 50 tons of food in his or her lifetime, which seems ridiculous!

You shed more than 1 million skin cells every single day, but they are constantly replenished automatically, to save you from turning transparent and becoming rather exposed! Your skin is actually an organ; in fact it’s the largest organ you have, with a surface area of 18 square feet (2 square meters).

Most of the body’s energy is expelled via heat. Your body produces the same heat as 25 light bulbs over the course of a single day.

Every day your body ensures you don’t contract cancer thousands of times over. Cancer is formed when cells are altered in a way which re-programs their DNA and it’s estimated that tens of thousands of cells suffer cancer-causing lesions every day. But the body sends special enzymes scuttling around to inspect DNA strands for faults and fix them before they turn into tumors.

The average male’s testicles manufacture 10 million new sperm cells every day. Those that aren’t used age and are eventually broken down inside the body, with any useful nutrients being absorbed and put to use.

Your brain doesn’t stop working. It’s estimated that about 50,000 thoughts pass through it each day on average, although some scientists put the figure closer to 60,000. That is a whopping 35-48 thoughts every minute.

You take around 17,000 breathes every day on average, and don’t have to think about a single one of them. Yet if you want to stop breathing temporarily, you can voluntarily hold your breath. A typical pair of adult lungs can hold a huge six liters of air.

You blink about 28,000 times every day, with each one lasting just a tenth of a second. This is a voluntary reflex the body uses to keep the eyes clean and moist, which is pretty crucial given that 90% of the information you process is visual, and you can weigh up any visual scene in just 0.01 seconds. Consider how many people and objects you look at every day – it’s remarkable.

The cells in your stomach lining produce an alkaline substance every few milliseconds to neutralize stomach acid. If they didn’t do this, your stomach would digest itself because some of the acids are strong enough to dissolve metals.

Each of your kidneys contain 1 million tiny filters that work together to filter an average od 2.2 pints (1.3 liters) of blood every minute – that is 3168 pints (1872 liters) every single day, despite each kidney only being the size of a fist. If that wasn’t enough, they also expel an average of 2,5 pints (1.4 liters) of urine from your body every day too.

Red blood cells literally shoot around the body, taking less than 60 seconds to complete a full circuit. This means that each of yours makes 1440 trips around your body every day, delivering oxygen and keeping your body energized. Each cell lives for about 60 days, before being replaced by a younger model. It is no surprise their life span is short, having made 60,000 trips around the body, they must be exhausted!

The glands in you mouth produce an incredible 1.5 liters of saliva every day. That’s a lot of dribble! If this didn’t happen, your mouth would dry up and become overrun with bacteria, and you wouldn’t be able to digest your food.

Your hair (if you still have any) grows about half a millimeter per day, and the average adult with a full scalp has about 100,000 hairs on their head. So that’s a combined 50 meters of hair growth every single day.

And most amazing of all, your body cells are regenerating themselves every single day without any prompting. This means you have an entirely new set of taste buds every ten days, new nails every 6-10 months, new bones every ten years and even a new heart every 20 years.

Your liver is so busy over the course of a day, it bis almost impossible to summarize its activities. It manufactures cholesterol, vitamin D and blood plasma; it identifies the nutrients your body needs, and stores some away for future use; it filters 1.53 quarts (1.43 liters) of blood every minute and produces a quart (0/94 liters) of bile every day to help you break down your food. Basically, you have a factory plant running inside of you every day which is pretty amazing.


About Dick and Danna

OUR BUCKET LIST: 1950 First kid in the area with a portable radio on my bike when I was in grade school........... 1951 Built a 5 watt radio transmitter when I was in high school and went on the radio from home. Not the most legal thing to do. Built a PA system from scratch also........... 1951-1954 Learned to play Steel Guitar. Played many shows of country music on 6 different radio stations with different groups in Western Pennsylvania........... 1954 Married Danna Lewis at when she was 15 years old........... 1960 Got into Citizen Band Radio. Danna and I were two of the original founders of CB Rangers CB club in Butler. We published a call book of all of the CBers in the Tri-State area............ 1969 Danna and I were two of the original founders of the Tri-State Country Music Association. I wrote a column for their newspaper every month........... 1960 We went to Nashville. Met Ralph Emery of WSM radio and Archie Campbell, a Hee Haw TV Entertainer. Had coffee with them at Linbaugh’s Restaurant in Nashville. Archie bought the coffee........... 1965 We developed a successful network marketing business. In later years developed a few others. Greatest training on attitudes and success........... 1968 Had a Built an outdoor stage. Had a country music jam session on our lawn at home with around 500 musicians and their family from 5 different states........... 1969 Played music on the staff band of the WWVA Jamboree and backed up all of the entertainers in front of thousands of people for 4 months. WWVA was second largest country music show at that time next to WSM Grand Old Opry........... 1984 Danna started her own typesetting business in her home. Danna Vernon Graphics had customers in 3 counties. Very successful. She taught herself how to run the typesetter machine. It was a photo typesetter. She also did layout work for printers........... 1988 I taught the secretaries at Butler hospital how to use word processing and computers, but I never had any schooling or education on it. I also did some computer programming. Before this I ran the printing operation at the hospital........... 1989 I quit a good computer job and Danna and I bought a printing franchise, Minuteman Press in Butler PA. Operated it for 5 years............ 1994 We bought a motor home. went to Florida. Spent 9 years going to Florida for 6 months every year and back to Pennsylvania for 6 months............ 1995 We played music with “Spur of the Moment” band in Florida........... 2001 Never knew my dad. Met him in 2001 and Danna and I spent a wonderful 5 years together before he passed away. Went on a wonderful 2 weeks tour of Europe (5 countries) with him. He lived in Bradenton Florida........... 2002 Danna started singing and ended up running the Suncoast Jamboree in Florida, She had her own band and scheduled everything. She sang and emcee’d the show. Played many of the RV parks in the area........... 2004 Started a recording studio in Pa and FL. Danna recorded numerous CD’s........... 2007 Since I was a little kid, I have always wanted to wear the spots off a deck of cards. I finally accomplished it this year. Threw the deck away........... 2010 We started and played in various Gospel Music Groups. Country Transition, Good News Country Gospel. Played churches all over Western Pennsylvania........... 2010 We played music on television shows on WHCU-TV Kittanning........... 2010-2014 Danna and I did a 30 minute interview talk show, Danna’s Radio Diner, on WTYM & WAVL radio. Over 30,000 hits from over 100 countries on our website as of June 2017. Still get many hits every day........... 2010 Danna and I were on TV participating in Family Life TV WHKU helping their Christmas Auction on television........... 2011 Danna and I both read our first commercial to be broadcast on WTYM radio. Also I wrote a radio promo and a short radio script........... 2012 Operated a TV camera on a live TV show on WKHU-TV........... 2013 Produced an hour TV show – Armstrong Trails on WKHU-TV Kittanning, PA. Produced a monthly live country music dinner show with various bands at WTYM radio........... 2014 We went on a country music cruise and interviewed 12 top county music TV stars for our radio show........... 2014 Rode for an hour in the cab beside the engineer of a locomotive on Kiski Jct. railroad. Broadcast it on one of our radio shows........... 2014 Played Steel for Nashvile recording star Teea Goans when they came to Kittanning on WKHU-TH and WTYM Radio. Also in 2013 backed up Joann Cash (Johnny Cash sister)........... 2015 Started Danna’s Internet Café, an internet radio show. Also shows were run on WXED-FM 107.3 and WFSN-FM 96.7. for a year and a half........... 2016 I bought a Uke Bass and learned to play it. Played a jam session a week later. Sounds like a big upright bass.
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