About Dick and Danna

I am Dick Vernon aka (on my birth certificate) J. Richard McGinnis.

Dick Vernon

My wonderful wife Danna is Danna Mae (Lewis) Vernon.

Danna gc (sm)


Danna and Dick both have our own iMac computers plus an iPad and an iPhone.



6 KIDS NOW Six Kids 1004

We have 6 children Dan, Glenn, Cindy, Garry, Peach, and Sherry plus 12 grandchildren.


We enjoy people, enjoy country and gospel music, enjoy alternative health information, enjoy being a Christian, enjoy just being able to be ourselves.

I consider myself a little on the rebel side and Danna helps to try and keep me straight. I enjoy having fun and making people laugh.

In all of our married years we have never had an argument, but once in a while we have had a few Intense Moments of Fellowship.

If you ever see me ask me for MY CARD.

My CardMy Website

My Fifteen Dollar Bill . . . . I took it to the bank for change and they wanted to give me two 4’s and a 7. (Click to enlarge)$15 bill


1 Response to About Dick and Danna

  1. Betty says:

    Missing your “My Other Card”. ♥

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